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Tourist attractions

Krakow – the city of kings, a former capital of Poland - offers visitors plenty of interesting places, priceless monuments and attractions:

•    Wawel hill with the Royal Castle (royal chambers and numerous exhibitions open for visitors), cathedral, royal tombs and Sigismund Bell, which strikes only at  moments most important for the city and the country.
•    the largest medieval square in Europe, which until today retained its original architectural-urban layout – the Main Market Square with the Cloth Hall, newly-opened vaults, town hall tower, small church of St. Wojciech, and St. Mary’s Basilica.
•    churches
•    Kazimierz – once a separate town, later—a Jewish district – narrow streets, marketplaces, synagogues and Jewish cemetery neighbouring on Catholic temples (church of Corpus Christi, church of St. Catherine...) and once per year – Jewish Culture festival
•    Podgorze – once a separate town, today a slightly forgotten district of Krakow – includes the oldest municipal cemetery on the city, which accommodates its most eminent citizens, the oldest of four Krakow mounds (the Mound of Krak), which offers a beautiful panorama of the entire Krakow, former factory of Oskar Schindler (today – a museum), Bohaterow Getta Square, the Eagle Pharmacy, and many other attractions
•    Nowa Huta – designed in the fifties of the 20th century as a separate, workers’ town – an interesting architecture and spatial layout, as well as many remains of places on which the Nowa Huta was built – numerous manor houses, palaces, sacred buildings

Nearby Krakow, there are historic salt mines - in Wieliczka (one of the first facilities entered in the UNESCO List of World Heritage Sites), and in Bochnia (the oldest salt mine in Poland). You can also easily access former Nazi concentration camps KL Auschwitz and Auschwitz II-Birkenau, situated in Oswiecim and Brzezinka – these sites are known as the symbol of holocaust and Nazi crimes committed on Poles, gypsies, Jews, and other nations.

Krakow is also a perfect base for further trips to the most interesting places in the Lesser Poland and the rest of the country – Krakow-Czestochowa Upland with ruins of gothic castles, known as eagle nests, Polish Tatra Mountains, (Tatra National Park), and their capital – Zakopane, Pieniny (Pieniny National Park) with picturesque Dunajec gorge and renown health resorts.

City’s website
(information for Tourists and suggested tourist routes)
Website of the Voivodeship
(information for Tourists and suggested tourist routes)
KL Auschwitz website
Website of the Royal Castle in Wawel
Website of Salt Mine in Wieliczka and Bochnia
Information page for visitors of the Ojcow National Park


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